Prof. Dr.-Ing. Margret Keuper

Image Processing

A5, 6, Room B 223

Email: keuper (at) uni-mannheim . de

Phone: +49 621 181 2602


I joined the Data and Web Science Group in April 2017 as a Juniorprofessor. My research interests are Computer Vision and Image Processing. More specifically, I am interested in grouping problems such as


During my PhD with Thomas Brox at the University of Freiburg, I focused on the segmentation in volumetric bio-medical image data.


You can find a list of my publications on Google Scholar.


Job Offers: If you are interested in video and motion segmentation and you want to pursue a Ph.D., please contact me directly. Applications should contain: statement of purpose, curriculum vitae,  transcripts of master and bachelor program, MSC thesis.