Federico Nanni



B6, 26, Room C 1.05
Phone: +49 621 181 2663



Research Interest

  • Digital Humanities
  • Computational Political Science
  • Natural Language Processing




- 2017

Nanni, F., “Reconstructing a website’s lost past - Methodological issues concerning the history of www.unibo.it”, in Digital Humanities Quarterly, forthcoming – 2017. [Second best paper at Göttingen Dialog in Digital Humanities (GDDH)] [Preprint]

- 2016

Lauscher, A.*, Nanni, F.*, Ruiz Fabo, P., & Ponzetto, S. P. (2016). Entities as topic labels: combining entity linking and labeled LDA to improve topic interpretability and evaluability. IJCol-Italian journal of computational linguistics, 2(2), 67-88. [Paper]

Nanni, F., H. Kümper, S. P. Ponzetto, “Semi-supervised textual analysis and historical research helping each other: Some thoughts and observations”, in International Journal of Humanities and Arts Computing (formerly History and Computing), 2016. [Paper]

Nanni, F., Dietz, L., Faralli, S., Glavaš, G., & Ponzetto, S. P. (2016). Capturing interdisciplinarity in academic abstracts. D-lib magazine22(9/10). [Paper]

- 2015 

Nanni, F., “Historical Method and Born-Digital Primary Sources: A Case Study of Italian University Websites”. In: Officina della Storia – special issue “From the history of the media to the media as sources of history”, 2015. [Paper]




Nanni, F., Ponzetto, S. P., & Dietz, L. (2017). Building Entity-Centric Event Collections. JCDL. [forthcoming]

Glavaš, G., Nanni, F., & Ponzetto, S. P. (2017). Unsupervised Cross-Lingual Scaling of Political Texts. EACL. [forthcoming]


Nanni F.* and Fabo P. R.*, Entities as topic labels: Improving topic interpretability and evaluability combining Entity Linking and Labeled LDA, Digital Humanities, 2016. [Preprint]

Nanni, F., Zirn, C., Glavaš, G., Eichorst, J., & Ponzetto, S. P. (2016). TopFish: topic-based analysis of political position in US electoral campaigns. PolText. [Paper]

 Zirn, C., Glavaš, G., Nanni, F., Eichorts, J., & Stuckenschmidt, H. (2016). Classifying topics and detecting topic shifts in political manifestos. PolText. [Paper]

Glavaš, G., Nanni, F., & Ponzetto, S. P. (2016). Unsupervised Text Segmentation Using Semantic Relatedness Graphs. * SEM . [Paper]

Nanni, F., Ponzetto, S. P., & Dietz, L. (2016). Entity relatedness for retrospective analyses of global events. NLP+CSS. [Paper]


G. Guzzetta and F. Nanni, “Computing, memory and writing: some reflections on an early experiment in digital literary studies”, proceedings of the Second Italian Conference on Computational Linguistics (CLIC) - Trento, 2015.

R. Bonfiglioli* and F. Nanni*, “From Close to Distant and Back: how to read with the help of machines”, Pre-Proceedings of the Third International Conference for the History and Philosophy of Computing (HaPoC) - Pisa, 2015. [Paper] 


F. Nanni, “Managing Educational Information on University Websites: a proposal for Unibo.it”, Proceedings of the Second Italian Digital Humanities Annual Conference (AIUCD) - Padova, 2014.


* = the authors equally contributed to this work.