DESQ is a general-purpose system for frequent sequence mining. It features a simple and intuitive pattern expression language to express various pattern mining tasks and provides efficient algorithms for mining.


K. Beedkar, R. Gemulla
DESQ: Frequent Sequence Mining with Subsequence Constraints [pdf, tech report]
To appear in ICDM (short paper), 2016

Source code

Desq is under continuous development; our current version differs significantly from the ICDM16 paper version w.r.t. usability and efficiency. Please contact us to obtain the source code of the latest version of Desq.

The source code for the version of DESQ used in the experimental study of our ICDM16 paper is available here.


Please contact us to obtain a copy of the datasets used in our experimental studies. For some of the datasets (e.g., New York Times), you'll need to have the appropriate licences.