DWS Company Outing

Arriving at the canoe site getting used to the equipment.

Ready to take off!

Hiking group has arrived at Dilsberg.

Hiking people searching for the canoes, "where are they, will they pass here?"

In the 2017 edition of the DWS company outing we visited once again the beautiful Neckar region. While we took a riverboat two years ago, we decided to go by canoe or by foot this year.  The canoe group started in Hirschhorn with the final destination Neckargemünd. On their way (~2-3 hours out on the water) they had to master several dangerous challenges, including the passing of a water gate. The hiking group started in Neckarsteinach taking a route over Dilsberg also with the final destination of Neckargemünd. All of us met at the target location (some earlier, some later) where we visited a restaurant to celebrate the successful completion of our excursion.