Master Thesis: Multilingual Entity Linking (Ponzetto, Bizer)

Entity linking, the task of linking mentions of entities in text to wide-coverage concept repositories like DBPedia or Freebase, has so far concentrated almost exclusively on English [1]. This is well reflected on available taggers working only on English, indeed a very big limitation for the multilingual web of data. This goal of this thesis, accordingly, will be to extend existing taggers like, for instance, DBPedia Spotlight [2], to a wide range of languages other than English.


  • Solid programming skills
  • Experience / genuine interest to work with large datasets
  • Previous knowledge of LOD, NLP and Machine Learning are a plus



[1] A framework for benchmarking entity-annotation systems. M. Cornolti, P. Ferragina and M. Ciaramita. In WWW-13

[2] DBpedia Spotlight: Shedding Light on the Web of Documents. P.N. Mendes, Max Jakob, A. García-Silva and C. Bizer. In I-Semantics-11


Contact: Prof. Dr. Bizer or Prof. Dr. Ponzetto