Registration Open for DataFest Germany 2017

DataFest is a competition and networking event. You will get the unique opportunity to work with a large dataset and analyze it using your own ideas as well as meet leaders and companies in the field of statistics. DataFest began in 2011 at UCLA, and is now sponsored by the American Statistical Association.

DataFest Germany 2017 is the third annual DataFest event organized in Germany. It is hosted by a consortium of the Statistics and Social Science Methodology Chair at the University of Mannheim, the Institute of Statistics of LMU Munich, and the P3 Group.

The task and dataset of this year's DataFest is still secret, but the registration for the DataFest is already open: Bachelor and Masters-level students of all subjects are welcomed to apply in teams of 2-5 people.  Applications are open until Thursday, March 12, 2017. Space is limited, so only the first 20 teams will be accepted.

As DWS students were quite quite successful and won a prize at DataFest 2015 in Mannheim, we strongly encourage our students to participate again in this year's DataFest.