Roche Hypo University Challenge won by DWS-AI

We are happy to announce that Jakob Huber and Timo Sztyler reached the 1st place in the Hypo University Challenge that was hosted by Roche Diabetes Care GmbH and powered by IBM. The goal of the challenge was to develop an algorithm that predicts the probability for a nocturnal hypoglycemic event (severe, mild, hypo) in the upcoming 10, 20, 30, 40, and 60 minutes.


Today, more than 425 million people have Diabetes Mellitus, a metabolic disorder characterized by an increased blood sugar level. Keeping this untreated can lead to a hyperglycemia which results in confusion, abdominal pain, and coma. The treatment of diabetes lasts as long as life, i.e., there is no cure.


After the challenge, they were invited to present their solution approach as part of the Roche internal "Diagnostics R&D Fair" in Basel where they also received a trophy for winning the challenge.