Search Join Engine wins Semantic Web Challenge Big Data Track

Christian Bizer and Heiko Paulheim receiving the Semantic Web Challenge 2014 Big Data Track Award.

We are very happy that the Mannheim Search Join Engine has won the Semantic Web Challenge 2014 Big Data Track.

The Semantic Web Challenge is the premier competition for showcasing progress towards the realization of the Semantic Web. The challenge takes place since 11 years at the annual International Semantic Web Conferences. The challenge is organized into two tracks: The goal of the Open Track is to showcase the benefits that Semantic Web technologies can bring to end-user applications. The goal of the Big Data Track is to demonstrate approaches that can work on Web scale using realistic Web-quality data.

Our submission to the Big Data Track demonstrates how local tables about arbitrary topics can be extended with additional columns based on data from 36.3 million web tables which originate from over 1.5 million different websites. For instance, given a table about countries the system finds several hundred web tables that contain data about the population of these countries and adds a column to the input table by merging (fusing) all population numbers from these web tables. 

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