Student Assistant for Linked Data Publishing

We are looking for a student assistant to support us in the creation of Linked Data representations of various datasets. An example is our JudaicaLink project, where we provide  Linked Data access to encyclopediae from the domain of Jewish culture and history. Therefore, structured information has to be extracted from the original data and transformed into RDF. The RDF data is then provided on the Web as Linked Data.

In the context of this work, several approaches for the extraction of information and the interlinking of the resulting datasets can be developed, applied, and improved, depending on your interests and own ideas. The later conduction of a Bachelor or Master thesis in this area is also possible.


  • Programming skills in Java,
  • Experience with the development of Web applications (HTTP, REST, Web-Services),
  • Experience or genuine interest in the data and the domain of cultural heritage and digital humanities is a plus.

 Contact: Kai Eckert