Web Data Integration Framework (WInte.r) released

We are happy to announce the release of the Web Data Integration Framework (WInte.r).

WInte.r is a Java framework for end-to-end data integration. The framework implements well-known methods for data pre-processing, schema matching, identity resolution, data fusion, and result evaluation. The methods are designed to be easily customizable by exchanging pre-defined building blocks, such as blockers, matching rules, similarity functions, and conflict resolution functions. In addition, these pre-defined building blocks can be used as foundation for implementing advanced integration methods.

The WInte.r famework forms the foundation for our research on large-scale web data integration. The framework contains an implementation of the T2K Match algorithm for matching millions of Web tables against a central knowledge base. The framework is also used in the context of the DS4DM research project for matching tabular data for data search.

Beside of being used for research, we also use the WInte.r famework for teaching. The students of our Web Data Integration course use the framework to solve the course case study. In addition, most students use the framework as foundation for their term projects.  

Detailed information about the WInte.r framework is found at


The WInte.r framework can be downloaded from the same web site. The framework can be used under the terms of the Apache 2.0 License.