Yahoo Faculty Research And Engagement Award

We are happy to announce that Professor Christian Bizer's team has received a Yahoo Faculty Research and Engagement (FREP) award in the 2015 award program.

The goal of the Yahoo Faculty Research And Engagement (FREP) Award program is to establish high quality scientific collaborations between Yahoo Labs and selected universities around the globe in order to conduct research in areas of mutual interest. 

The goal of our joint research with Yahoo Labs is to develop methods for completing cross-domain knowledge graphs with data from large numbers of external data sources.

The work will build on existing research at the University of Mannheim on matching large numbers of Web tables against DBpedia [1] as well as on learning fusion policies for resolving data conflicts while augmenting the DBpedia knowledge base [2].


[1] Dominique Ritze, Oliver Lehmberg, Christian Bizer: Matching HTML Tables to DBpedia. 5th International Conference on Web Intelligence, Mining and Semantics (WIMS2015), Limassol, Cyprus, July 2015.

[2] Volha Bryl, Christian Bizer: Learning Conflict Resolution Strategies for Cross-Language Wikipedia Data Fusion. 4th Workshop on Web Quality (WebQuality2014) @ WWW 2014, Seoul, Korea, April 2014.