Jan Noessner

Alumni Researcher

jan (at) informatik.uni-mannheim.de


Research Topics

My research is concerned with finding faster inference methods for Markov logic and applying Markov logic for matching tasks. Markov Logic is a template language for Markov Logic Networks. It basically assigns weights to first order logic formulas.

For inference I mainly concentrate on the maximum a-posteriori (MAP) query which maximizes the objective given evidence. Arguable, the MAP-query is the most important inference query since learning algorithms usually apply this query multiple times for adapting the weights. For solving the MAP-query I transfer the problem to an integer linear program and use efficient solvers for its computations. In particular, I concentrate on finding meta-algorithms on improving the ILP translation.

Regarding the applications past research mainly focused on ontology matching, including object reconciliation and schema matching. Currently, I am writing my thesis.


  • Teaching Assistant in the Master course Knowledge Management, FSS 2010 and FSS 2012
  • Teaching Assistant in the Master course Artificial Intelligence II, HWS 2011 and HWS 2012
  • Leader of the team project 'Introducing a content management system in a complex organization', 2011
  • Teaching Assistant in the Bachelor course Business Informatics IV - Modelling, HWS 2013


  • MappingAssistant
  • Linking and Populating the Humanities

Open Source Software

  • RockIt - A MAP Inference solver for Markov logic which exploits parallelism and symmetry
  • ELOG - A reasoner for log-linear description logics; supports both MAP and marginal queries
  • CODI - Combinatorial Optimization for Data Integration; A successful data integration toolkit for the alignment of ontologies, schemas, and objects
  • Executor - A python online executor which helps users to easily run RockIt, ELOG, and CODI without any installation effort.
  • SWING - A generator for instance matching benchmarks utilizing the Semantic Web INstance Generation (SWING) approach

Publications (uncomplete)






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