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Data Scientist at Springer


B6, 26, Room C 1.12
Tel.: +49 621 181 3786

michael (at) informatik (dot) uni (minus) mannheim (dot) de


Research Group: Language Technology and Information Retrieval



  • Graph-based Knowledge Representation/Exploration
  • Web IR using Semantic Networks/DBpedia
  • Structured and Unstructured Data
  • Semantic Web, Linked Data
  • Web Data Commons Project



  • Michael Schuhmacher, Benjamin Roth, Simone Paolo Ponzetto, and Laura Dietz. Finding Relevant Relations in Relevant Documents. In Proc. of ECIR'16 [paper preprint, data]


  • Michael Schuhmacher, Laura Dietz, and Simone Paolo Ponzetto. Ranking Entities for Web Queries through Text and Knowledge. In Proc. of CIKM'15 [paper preprint version, paper ACM DL, web appendix & datasets, presentation slides]
  • Petar Ristoski, Michael Schuhmacher and Heiko Paulheim. Using graph metrics for linked open data enabled recommender systems. In Proc. of EC-Web'15, pages 30-41, Springer [paper]


  • Laura Dietz, Michael Schuhmacher, and Simone Paolo Ponzetto. Queripidia: Query-specific Wikipedia Construction. In Proc. of the AKBC '14 (Automated Knowledge Base Construction Workshop on Knowledge Extraction) at NIPS'14
  • Orphée De Clercq, Michael Schuhmacher, Simone Paolo Ponzetto, and Véronique Hoste: Exploiting FrameNet for Content-Based Book Recommendation. In Workshop on New Trends in Content-based Recommender Systems (CBRecSys) at ACM RecSys'14, 2014 [paper]
  • Michael Schuhmacher and Christian Meilicke: Popular Books and Linked Data: Some Results for the ESWC’14 RecSys Challenge. In LOD-enabled Recommender Systems Challenge at ESWC 2014, 2014 [paper]
  • Michael Schuhmacher and Simone Paolo Ponzetto: Ranking Entities in a Large Semantic Network. In Poster Paper at ESWC'14, 2014 [paper, poster]
  • Arnab Dutta and Michael Schuhmacher: Entity Linking for Open Information Extraction. In Proceedings of  NLDB'14, 2014 [paper, presentation]
  • Michael Schuhmacher and Simone Paolo Ponzetto: Knowledge-based Graph Document Modeling. In Proceedings of WSDM'14, pp. 543-552, ACM, 2014 [paper, presentation, github code, github data]


  • Christian Bizer, Kai Eckert, Robert Meusel, Hannes Mühleisen, Michael Schuhmacher, Johanna Völker: Deployment of RDFa, Microdata, and Microformats on the Web – A Quantitative Analysis. In Proceedings of ISWC 2013, Sydney, Australia, pp. 17-32. Springer, 2013. [paper]
  • Michael Schuhmacher and Simone P. Ponzetto: Exploiting DBpedia for Web search results clustering. In Proceedings of the AKBC '13 : Automated Knowledge Base Construction Workshop on Knowledge Extraction at CIKM 2013, pp. 91-96. ACM, 2013. [paper, poster]
  • Heiner Stuckenschmidt, Michael Schuhmacher, Johannes Knopp, Christian Meilicke and Ansgar Scherp: On the Status of Experimental Research on the Semantic Web. In Proceedings of ISWC 2013, Sydney, Australia, pp. 591-606. Springer, 2013. [paper, presentation slides, presentation talk]

(Sub-) Reviewer

  • Conferences: SIGIR'16, EMNLP'15, WSDM'15, WWW'15, EMNLP'13, ESWC'13
  • Journals: JoDS
  • Workshops: LDIE'14