Daniel Ruffinelli


Email: firstname (at) informatik . uni-mannheim . de

B6, 26 Room B 003

Phone: +49 621 181 - 2482

I am a Ph.D. candidate at the Chair of Data Analytics. The chair is part of the Data and Web Science Group at the University of Mannheim. I am supervised by Prof. Dr. Rainer Gemulla and by Prof. Dr. Heiner Stuckenschmidt.

Research Interests

  • Knowledge representation and reasoning
  • Machine learning





  • Christian Meilicke, Daniel Ruffinelli, Andreas Nolle, Heiko Paulheim and Heiner Stuckenschmidt Fast ABox consistency checking using incomplete reasoning and caching. In: Lecture Notes in Computer ScienceRules and Reasoning : International Joint Conference : RuleML+RR 2017, London, UK, July 12-15, 2017, Proceedings; 168-183. Springer International Publishing, Cham, 2017.
  • Daniel Ruffinelli Towards scalable ontological reasoning using machine learning. In: CEUR Workshop ProceedingsRuleML+RR 2017 : Proceedings of the Doctoral Consortium, Challenge, Industry Track, Tutorials and Posters @ RuleML+RR 2017 hosted by International Joint Conference on Rules and Reasoning 2017 (RuleML+RR 2017) London, UK, July 11-15, 2017; Paper 5. RWTH, Aachen, 2017.
Previous Publications

Previous Publications

  1. Daniel Ruffinelli and Benjamin Baran. Linear Nearest Neighbor Optimization in Quantum Circuits: A Multiobjective Perspective. In: Quantum Information Processing. Springer, 2017.
  2. Daniel Ruffinelli and Benjamin Baran. A multiobjective approach to linear nearest neighbor optimization for 2D quantum circuits. In: XLII Latin American Computing Conference (CLEI). IEEE, 2016.