Focus Group: Data Analytics (Prof. Gemulla)

Our group's research focuses on systems and methods for analyzing and mining large datasets as well as their application in practice. Our research interests include:
  • Data analysis and data mining
  • Text mining and information extraction
  • Optimization
  • Approximation techniques
  • Algorithms for modern hardware

Data and Software

  • MinIE: Open information extractor (spiritual successor to ClausIE)
  • DSGDpp: Various parallel algorithms for matrix factorization (including DSGD++)
  • DESQ: Frequent sequence mining with subsequence constraints
  • Rounding rank: algorithms for computing rounding-rank decompositions
  • CORE: Context-aware open relation extraction with factorization machines
  • FINET: Context-aware fine-grained named entity typing
  • Werdy: Recognition and Disambiguation of Verbs and Verb Phrases with Syntactic and Semantic Pruning
  • ClausIE: Clause-Based Open Information Extraction
  • LEMP: Fast Retrieval of Large Entries in a Matrix Product
  • LASH: Large-Scale Sequence Mining with Hierarchies
  • MG-FSM: Large-Scale Frequent Sequence Mining


See here for (a highly incomplete list of) thesis topics offered by our chair.

Current semester (HWS 2018)

Previous semester (FSS 2018)


Master and Bachelor theses

If you are interested in writing a seminar, Bachelor or Master thesis with us, please read the following guidelines. The list below represents a highly incomplete set of the topics currently offered by our group, talk to us for more topics and additional information. Your own ideas and interests are welcome as well.

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Die Bachelorarbeit wird gemeinsam von Prof. Rainer Gemulla (Lehrstuhl für Praktische Informatik I) und Stefan Weil (UB Mannheim) unterstützt.


Die Bachelorarbeit wird gemeinsam von Prof. Rainer Gemulla (Lehrstuhl für Praktische Informatik I) und Dr. Philipp Zumstein (UB Mannheim) unterstützt.