CS707 Data and Web Science Seminar (FSS 2016)

The Data and Web Science seminar covers recent topics in data and web science. This term, the seminar focuses on neural networks for text analytics.


In this seminar, you will
  • Read, understand, and explore scientific literature
  • Summarize a current research topic in a concise report
  • Give two presentations about your topic (one 3 minutes, one 15 minutes)
  • Moderate a scientific discussion about a topic of one of your fellow students
  • Provide feedback to a report and to a presentation of a fellow student



  • Select your preferred topics and register by February 17 (see below)
  • Attend the kickoff meeting (date/location to be disclosed) [slides: pdf]
  • You will be assigned an advisor, who provides guidance and one-to-one meetings
  • Work individually throughout the semester: explore literature, write a report, peer-review, create and give two presentations
  • Full schedule [pdf]


Explore the list of topics below and select at least 3 topics of your preference. Send a ranked list of your selected topics via email to k.gashteovski(at)uni-mannheim(dot)de until February 17, 2016. We will confirm your registration immediately. The actual topic assignment takes place soon after the registration deadline and we will notify you via e-mail. Our goal is, of course, to assign to you to one of your preferred topics.


The papers and articles listed below serve as an entry point to a topic; you are expected to explore related relevant literature on your own.

Students are free to suggest alternative topics.


If you are new to neural networks, these resources may help to get you started:

Additional resources about neural network for text analytics include:

In case you need some NLP background, checkout these MOOCs:

Giving talks / writing reports:

  • "Giving conference talks", by Prof. Dr. Rainer Gemulla [pdf]
  • "Writing for Computer Science" by Justin Zobel