Writing a Thesis

On this page you find a listing of thesis topics that are currently available / proposed by members of our group. For each proposal you find a link or an email-address of a contact person.

Aside from this you find more information related to writing a bachelor and master thesis within our group via the following links.

Available, ongoing and completed topics

Master thesis: Address management and geocoding (Gemulla, DHL)

eCommerce is on the rise. Logistics companies like Deutsche Post DHL are expanding and building up new logistics networks in emerging markets around the globe. Delivering parcels to end-consumers quickly, reliably and efficiently with an outstanding service requires much planning effort. This is especially complex in emerging countries where the infrastructure poses additional challenges. One essential part of making the delivery more efficient is route optimization of the driven tours on the “last mile”. It is done by using optimization algorithms connecting the delivery locations considering all kinds of restrictions (capacity, working hours of courier, traffic etc.).

In emerging countries, the delivery location cannot be easily deduced from the address provided by the customer. Addresses can follow different local address logics or can take the form of something like "Slip road from Megenagna to Imperial Hotel, In front of Anbessa Garage, P.O. Box 184 Code 1110, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia". In order to use the address for geocoding, it has to be broken down into a structured format, analyzed, compared with other existing addresses in databases, possibly updated and then translated into a geocode first. There are many ways and possible methods to achieve this. In the course of this master thesis the student is asked to give a scientific overview of current methods and algorithms in that context and come up with a suitable solution incorporating latest developments in Machine Learning.

The student is expected to have excellent analytical skills, knowledge in how to create and describe an algorithm and some previous Machine Learning experience. Knowledge in an object-oriented programming language is a plus.

The master thesis will be written in cooperation with Deutsche Post DHL. The student will work closely together with project teams in Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam and the global headquarters in Bonn. To apply for this master thesis, please send your CV to Gunnar Buchhold <gunnar.buchhold(at)dpdhl.com> and briefly state your motivation and why you deem yourself suitable to cover this topic.

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