Writing a Thesis

On this page you find a listing of thesis topics that are currently available / proposed by members of our group. For each proposal you find a link or an email-address of a contact person.

Aside from this you find more information related to writing a bachelor and master thesis within our group via the following links.

Available, ongoing and completed topics

Master Thesis: Extraction and decoration of social networks users' needs (Faralli/Ponzetto)

In recent years thanks to the success of social networks (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, ...) and the availability of collaborative customer-made company portals (e.g., Amazon Product reviews jmcauley.ucsd.edu/data/amazon/, Trip Advisor times.cs.uiuc.edu/~wang296/Data/ , …) companies can analyze from both unstructured text (social network posts) and structured repositories (product reviews and specifications) the customers’ opinions on existing products. The thesis aims are: i) to investigate new models to represent user's’ needs; ii) how to identify rational (e.g., “My IPhone is  too expensive!”) and irrational opinions (e.g., “I’m not happy of my Iphone”)  on products and/or products aspects (e.g., “IPhone battery”) iii) how to automatically identify products properties (e.g., “Battery life”) and properties values (e.g., “3h standby”).