Artificial Intelligence Group (Prof. Stuckenschmidt)

Our group conducts fundamental and applied research in knowledge representation formalisms with a focus on reasoning techniques for information extraction and integration. Our work is centered around:

  • Standard reasoning including description logic reasoning and non-standard reasoning techniques (explanations and debugging techniques)
  • Combining Probabilistic reasoning and Utility Theory with Description Logics
  • Applications in various domains (web data integration and management, semantic web, ontology matching, context-aware applications, Business Process Management etc.)  



Postdoctoral Researchers


PhD Students


Selected Publications

  • Nico Potyka, Erman Acar, Matthias Thimm and Heiner Stuckenschmidt. Group Decision Making via Probabilistic Belief Merging. Proceedings of the 25th International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI 2016).
  • Arnab Dutta, Christian Meilicke and Heiner Stuckenschmidt. Enriching Structured Knowledge with Open Information. Proceedings of the 24th International World Wide Web Conference. Florence, Italy, May 2015.  
  • Jan Noessner, Mathias Niepert and Heiner Stuckenschmidt. RockIt: Exploiting Parallelism and Symmetry for MAP Inference in Statistical Relational Models. In: Proceedings of the Twenty-Seventh AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence, July 14-18, 2012, Bellevue, Washington, USA; 739-745. AAAI Press, Menlo Park, Calif., 2013.
  • Rim Helaoui, Daniele Riboni and Heiner Stuckenschmidt. A probabilistic ontological framework for the recognition of multilevel human activities. In: The 2013 ACM International Joint Conference on Pervasive and Ubiquitous Computing, UbiComp '13, Zurich, Switzerland, September 8-12, 2013; 345-354. ACM, New York, NY, 2013.
  • Henrik Leopold, Mathias Niepert, Matthias Weidlich, Jan Mendling, Remco Dijkman and Heiner Stuckenschmidt. Probabilistic Optimization of Semantic Process Model Matching. In: Lecture notes in computer science Business Process Management : 10th International Conference, BPM 2012; proceedings; 319-334. Springer, Berlin [u.a.], 2012.
  • Mathias Niepert, Christian Meilicke and Heiner Stuckenschmidt. A Probabilistic-Logical Framework for Ontology Matching. In: Proceedings of the Twenty-Fourth AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence and the Twenty-Second Innovative Applications of Artificial Intelligence Conference; 1413-1418. AAAI Press, Menlo Park, Calif., 2010.


  • MWK Project: A Virtual Open Science Collaboration Environment
  • ZIM Project: A motio-visual Sensor System for Spare Part Logstics
  • DFG Project: Matching Representations at different Levels of Granularity
  • SFB 884: Political Economy of Reforms
  • Different Industry Projects

Software and Data

  • ALCOMO (a tool for repairing ontology alignments)
  • Rockit (a query engine for Markov Logic)
  • ELOG (a reasoner for log-linear description logics)
  • NELL2DBpedia (an evaluation gold standard for linking NELL entities to DBPedia instances)



  1. Arnab Kumar Dutta. Automated Knowledge Base Extension Using Open Information. Dissertation, , Mannheim, 2016.
  2. Rim Helaoui. On Leveraging Statistical and Relational Information for the Representation and Recognition of Complex Human Activities. Dissertation, , Mannheim, Germany, 2016.

Conference Item

  1. Timo Sztyler and Heiner Stuckenschmidt. On-body localization of wearable devices : an investigation of position-aware activity recognition. In: 2016 IEEE International Conference on Pervasive Computing and Communications : PerCom 2016, Sydney, Australia, March 14-19, 2016; 1-9. IEEE Computer Society, Piscataway, NJ, 2016.

Master and Bachelor Theses

The DFG funds a new research project "Matching Representations at different levels of granularity" with approx. 270.000,- Euro over the next 3 years....


We are looking for Master candidates that would be interested in writing their Master thesis in the field of innovative technologies in logistics.  ...


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